Get Free Coaching on Common Core Standards Curriculum Mapping

Free Coaching on Common Core Curriculum Mapping Features New Learning Resource from LumiBook

Curriculum mapping is essential to implementing the Common Core Standards in every classroom. Beginning on June 11, School Improvement Network will host the first of many coaching sessions designed to help educators understand curriculum mapping, the Common Core Standards, and the new training resource that brings it all together.

School Improvement Network has created LumiBook, an all-new multimedia publishing platform, whereon educators receive the most dynamic training from education experts as well as their peers.

The inaugural texts on the LumiBook platform are Mapping to the Core by Dr. Heidi Hayes Jacobs and Mapping to the Core: LivePlanner, by Dr. Heidi Hayes Jacobs, along with Dr. Ann Johnson, Dr. Debbie Sullivan, and Dr. Marie Alcock.

Preparing for Coaching Sessions

To prepare for these coaching sessions, School Improvement Network has prepared the following resources:

  • Watch the introductory video demonstration of Mapping to the Core: LivePlanner, presented by Dr. Debbie Sullivan (Click here to watch the introduction to LivePlanner). 
  • Start reviewing your copy of Mapping to the Core: LivePlanner.  A sample version of LivePlanner (and Dr. Jacobs’s LumiBook Mapping to the Core) is available with a free PD 360 trial license.  Access yours today.
  • As you consider ways to implement LivePlanner in your system, post any questions you may have on our LivePlanner Coaching Sessions page (see the navigation to the right). Drs. Sullivan and Alcock will respond to user questions in each of their coaching sessions. 

About Mapping to the Core: LivePlanner

Mapping to the Core: LivePlanner, available only on the all-new LumiBook platform from School Improvement Network, is a dynamic learning experience that guides users through essential theory and practices for curriculum mapping and alignment to the Common Core Standards. Mapping to the Core: LivePlanner is a companion text to the LumiBook Mapping to the Core. In these texts, Dr. Heidi Hayes Jacobs and her readers together explore how to develop responsive curriculum with corresponding assessments that support learning in the Common Core Standards, specifically tailored for your system and students.

PLUS, attendees will have the opportunity at the Common Core Institute to get live, hands-on curriculum mapping for the Common Core Standards directly from critically-acclaimed mapping experts Heidi Hayes Jacobs and Ann Johnson from Curriculum21.

Can’t make it to the Common Core Institute? The Curriculum Mapping Institute in Saratoga Springs will be held the week before.

Attendees of the Common Core Institute and the Curriculum Mapping Institute will receive a FREE license of Mapping to the Core and Mapping to the Core: LivePlanner.