Mapping to the Core on LumiBook

Forty-five states are part of the Common Core State Standards Initiative—now the task of integrating these new standards lies ahead.

School Improvement Network is proud to present the inaugural books in the LumiBook library, Mapping to the Core: LumiBook by Heidi Hayes Jacobs and Mapping to the Core: LivePlanner by Heidi Hayes Jacobs, Marie Alcock, Debbie Sullivan, and Ann Johnson. This suite of books gives teachers unprecedented support in mapping curriculum and student learning targets to the Common Core Standards. The Mapping to the Core suite presents step-by-step theory and instruction that guides teachers through the process of creating a curriculum map aligned to the Common Core Standards.

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A Free Resource for InTASC Standards

100% Teacher Effectiveness for 100% Student College and Career Readiness

The Interstate Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium (InTASC) Standards have been completely redesigned and realigned to the Common Core State Standards. Just as the Common Core Standards have been created to help students develop greater capacities and skills, the newly redesigned InTASC Standards help every educator become more effective, no matter their current skill level or capacity.

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Global Education Study: Six Drivers to Student Success

In spring 2012, Ohio education and business leaders joined Battelle for Kids as they embarked on fact-finding trips to five of the world's top-performing school systems: Finland; Hong Kong; Long Beach, California; Ontario, Canada; and Singapore.

Researchers interviewed and observed leaders, teachers, students, and others to explore how their school systems consistently achieve the top world rankings in terms of quality, equity, and student productivity.

See the strategies that the world's top-performing schools are using to drive student achievement.

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